MUJI cares about your basic needs and provides your daily necessities.
The philosophy of MUJI is being applied to the MUJI Card which allows you to realise your life from the very basic. Whenever you are shopping at MUJI stores, you will enjoy exclusive MUJI Dollars and privileges, as well as an array of Hang Seng Credit Card spending offers.


For every HKD100 spending with MUJI Card at MUJI, you will earn $5 MUJI Dollars(1) that can be used as cash for next purchase at MUJI. You can also enjoy Hang Seng Credit Card Cash Dollars on all spending.

(1) MUJI Dollars are valid for 15 months, counting from the MUJI Card annual anniversary month. Use of MUJI Dollars is subject to the terms and conditions of Hang Seng Credit Card Membership Rewards Programme. For details, please call our 24-hour Hang Seng Credit Card Marketing Enquiry Hotline 2998 6899.


For every accumulated spending of HKD5,000(2) with MUJI Card at MUJI, an extra $50 MUJI Dollars will be rewarded.

(2) Accumulated spending will be calculated in every June and December. Extra MUJI Dollars will be credited to the customer's MUJI Card account in every August and February respectively, and the card account must still be valid and in good condition when the extra MUJI Dollars are credited.


Accumulated MUJI Dollars and Cash Dollars can be used as cash for next purchase at MUJI(3).

(3) When the customer chooses to redeem MUJI Dollars and Hang Seng Credit Card Cash Dollars (“Cash Dollars”) upon purchase at MUJI, MUJI Dollars would be debited first until all MUJI Dollars accumulated in the card account have been used up, then the Cash Dollars in the card account would be debited until the total amount of the transaction is paid up. If the sum of all the accumulated MUJI Dollars and Cash Dollars is not sufficient to settle the bill, the outstanding transaction amount would be charged to the MUJI Card account.


Receive a MUJI Birthday Coupon in your birthday month(4).You can redeem the gift coupon while shopping at MUJI with MUJI Card.

(4)Please refer to the coupon for details of the Terms & Conditions.


(5) Principal Card customer who does not currently own and/or has not owned any personal Credit Card Principal Card issued by Hang Seng in the past 6 months, and who is applying for his/her first Hang Seng Credit Card, will be entitled to Perpetual Annual Fee Waiver, otherwise, one-year Annual Fee Waiver will be offered. Supplementary Card customer can enjoy the same annual fee waiver as Principal Card customer when applied at the same time.


Customer may visit any MUJI store to collect the MUJI Card application form. Please submit the completed form and copies of required documents to any branch of Hang Seng Bank for application.
For enquiry, please call 2822 0228.
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