About Café&Meal MUJI

Deli of Original Natural Flavour

Wide range selection of seasonal ingredients,
Bring out the original taste in nature by Hearty recipes to enrich the flavour.
A variety of delis are available daily for a balanced menu.
Enjoy the natural and healthy in-season flavour at Café&Meal MUJI.

Deli Seasonal ingredients

Our aim is to let our customers to taste fresh & healthy deli with seasonal ingredients. We offer different kinds of deli using seasonal vegetables, so that you can enjoy more than 10 types of vegetables in a well balanced meal.

Sweets A simple, good flavour

Various desserts such as sweet and smooth Honwakatou custard pudding or refreshing mixed berries cheesecake are simple yet delicious, they are good match with coffee or tea.

Drinks Relaxing moment

From fair trade coffees and Ryukyu tea to Kitagawamura Yuzu drink, we offer various iced and hot drinks for you to enjoy during meal or in afternoon tea time.