• Imabari Bath Towel

Imabari Bath Towel

The suede towel surface is designed as the texture of “Relief”, which it was named. The brand ”Imabari Towel” is used as the registered logo. The suede is made by the renowned long cotton (the Indian high quality cotton SUVIN and DCH cotton). The cotton was hand-picked one by one, in which it did not harm the fiber and maintain its quality. The yarn is twisted less than normal practice and made into double folded yarn, result in softer and more long lasting towels. Using two coloured yarns of different gradation for knitting, preventing the suede from falling off easily and avoid shrinking, hence, the color looks more three-dimensional. Xmas pack with colour options of white, khaki and yellow, comes with bath towel, face towel and handkerchief as a set.

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