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Care Instruction

Care Instruction

Washing Method Care Symbol Care Symbol Definition
Wash Wash Machine wash, water temperature should not exceed 40℃.
Wash Machine wash with gentle cycle or hand wash, water temperature should not exceed 40℃.
Wash Machine wash with gentle cycle or hand wash, water temperature should not exceed 30℃.
Wash Hand wash with water temperature not exceeding 30℃.
Wash Do not wash.
Bleech Wash Chlorine bleach may be used.
Wash Do not use chlorine bleach.
Iron Wash Hot ironing (180℃-210℃), with temperature not exceeding 210℃.
Wash Warm ironing (140℃-160℃), with temperature not exceeding 160℃.
Wash Cool ironing (80℃-120℃), with temperature not exceeding 120℃.
Wash Do not iron.

Iron mat is required if there is wavy line under the iron logo.
For delicate clothing like knitwear (including lustre clothing like silk or acetate fiber, or wool, gabardine, fine silk dark colour clothing) , please use iron mat when ironing.

Dry Clean Wash Dry clean. Please use perchlorethylene or petroleum-based solvent.
Wash Dry clean. Please use petroleum-based solvents.
Wash Do not dry clean.
Drain Wash Wring lightly and hang on line to dry.
Wash Do not wring.
Dry Wash Drip dry.
Wash Drip dry in shade.
Wash Flat dry.
Wash Flat dry in shade.

Washing Method

Before washing, please check carefully the properties of clothing and follow the washing instruction, to make sure if it can be washed by washing machine or dry cleaning.

Materials Point to note during washing
Cotton, Linen
  • Do not use detergent with fluorescent brightening agent.
  • Avoid rubbing and twisting to prevent fabric pilling.
  • Use garment bag with much water for machine wash.
  • Use softener and washing agent to prevent stinging due to hard fiber.
  • After washing, adjust garment shape and follow care label for drying.
  • Sweater and cut and sewn can be easily deformed after wash, adjust garment along sewing lines after wash and before drying.
  • To remove wrinkles, spray the garment wet before using iron or steam with high temperature setting.
  • Avoid twist or wring out which may cause damage to silk fabric, as humidity and rubbing may cause fabric pills.
  • Avoid putting it besides window or under fluoscent light, as colour may be easily faded With long drying time under ultraviolet radiation.
  • Use iron mat and steam iron to settle wrinkles.
  • Remove clothing stain immediately. (For oil stain, please use gasoline; for water stain, please use water to wash it at once)
  • Dry clean after every season.
  • Use insect repellent to prevent attack by insects and mold.
  • Use soft brush to remove surface dust. After smoothing the garment, place in a well ventilated place to dry. (Long time hanging may cause deformation, please lay flat for drying.)
  • Dry clean for food or other stains. Store with insect repellent in a well ventilated place. Hanging may cause deformation.
  • It is not easily deformed and can be dried quickly after wash.
  • It does not shrink with machine wash.
  • Avoid high temperature pressing, iron pressing may be performed at a low temperature setting.
  • Drip dry may cause deformation due to the weight of garment.
  • Use iron press with low temperature setting, do not steam.
  • Bleaching may cause discoloration or deterioration.
  • Do not place in the dryer, it is suggested to lay flat for drying.
  • Do not rub strongly or twist when washing.
  • Use medium temperature setting (140℃-160℃) when ironing or steaming wrinkles.